Photo 18 Aug 22 notes Sharlto and his mother :)

Sharlto and his mother :)

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Осень 2012

I love my LU :)

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спб. июль. Павел и Катя

Video 16 Aug 65 notes

Sharlto by Elen Nelidova (Russia)

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Photo by brilliant Elen Nelidova !

He has incredible eyes!!! I can’t even…

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Первые фотографии со съемочной площадки фильма “Хардкор” (Hardcore)

Link 14 Aug 9 notes Le Livre de Mangues par La Dame Marciana: just a quick correction to this post by kruger-the-maniacsharlto’s...»


just a quick correction to this post by kruger-the-maniac

sharlto’s current girlfriend is tanit phoenix - she’s a model and actress, and has been in a handful of south african movies, was in the femme fatale tv series on cinemax, and also in the past 2 “death race” movies

sharlto’s PAST…

Link 14 Aug 13 notes Your typical ninja hobo assassin in space: Great Sharlto Interview»


I’ll just post my favorite part of it right here:

It brings a real authenticity to both ‘District 9’ and ‘Elysium’…

"It’s about trying to create relevance. I always laugh at how people desperately say what they think Neill is trying to say. I laugh reading the reviews in America that say…

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