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Куколка Лора.

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Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind by Gavin Edwards

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I love this pic <3


I love this pic <3

Photo 26 Nov 12 notes Happy Birthday, dear Sharlto!!! Be happy and just keep smiling! :)

Happy Birthday, dear Sharlto!!! Be happy and just keep smiling! :)

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by my best friend! :)

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Руслан и Настя

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Insta-Peep-O-Gram: Randall Slavin 

Los Angeles-based photographer Randall Slavin is as well known for his razor-sharp sense of humor as he is his work (he’s shot everyone from Vanessa Redgrave to Charlize Theron and all the Hollywood elite in between). Here, we get a softer side of Randall, catching him with a bit of prose and some California landscape shots. If you’re looking to follow the behind-the-scenes action of a photographer (and stay on top of your inspirational quotes), Randall’s your guy. To follow him on Instagram, click here

(Photo courtesy of @randallslavin via Instagram. Text by Jenny Bahn)

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interview with Sharlto (Russia)

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